Bone cancer in children

09/06/2013 14:20

In this developmental age of science, human has conquered about all the diseases. But still there are some diseases which have not yet defeated by humans. Cancer is one of them. Cancer destroys the control of the growth of cells. Every cell in our body multiplies themselves at a certain period in a systematic way. But cancer destroys this system. As a result, cells grow without any control and ends up in creating cancer. There are different kinds of cancer. One of the severe kind is bone cancer. If the tissues of bone loss control of their enlargement, then bone cancer occurs. Though it may be seen in people of all ages, mainly children get affected by it. Mainly Osteosarcoma along with Ewing’s sarcoma is the types of bone cancer which generally occur in children. This article will help you to know about bone cancer in children.


Types of bone cancer that attack children:


Mainly Ewing’s sarcoma and Osteosarcoma are the types of cancer that attack children. Mainly Osteosarcoma attacks the extended bones like the bones of legs, limbs etc. comparatively, Ewing’s sarcoma appears less than Osteosarcoma in children. This type of bone cancer also attacks the stretched bones. But along with this, they attack clavicle, sternum, spine, pelvis, ribs too.


 Causes for children's bone cancer:


The causes of children's bone cancer are generally not known. But children who took chemotherapy along with radiotherapy previously are at a high risk for getting Osteosarcoma. Various types of genetic disorders are also responsible for bone cancer in children. Bone cancer may also occur from injuries and harms to the bone.



bone cancer symptoms in children:


Generally bone cancers don’t show any kinds of symptoms. Some common symptoms are unbearable pain in bone, swelling in the bone etc. the pain may rise and down.


Diagnosis of children's bone cancer:


Different types of investigations and exams are needed to diagnosis a bone cancer. A useful method is doing X-ray in the bone. A biopsy will help to identify the type of the bone cancer. Some other tests need to be taken to confirm whether if the cancer has broadened out. They are MRI, CT scans, bone core aspirate, bone scans, blood test, X-ray etc.


Treatment for children's bone cancer:


Mainly three types of treatment methods are used for treating children's bone cancer. The method varies with the facts of the type of the cancer, the size of the cancer, location of the cancer etc. the three methods are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The major treatment for bone cancer is surgery. If the cancer is attacking nerves and blood vessels along with bones, then amputation is needed. After amputation, physicians implement a false limb. If the cancer only attacks the bone, then surgeons save the limb by eliminating only the affected area of the bone. Chemotherapy is the method of inputting chemo or drug in the body through veins to kill the cancer cells permanently. In radiotherapy, high powered X-ray beams are centered in the affected bone to eliminate the cancer cells.


These are the types, symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment for bone cancer in children. Children who are affected by bone cancer need immediate treatment.